The best way to get Digital Marketing Services in Ahmedabad

The best way to get Digital Marketing Services [Read Now]

What is included in Digital Marketing Services

What is included Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing and the internet continues to change the way we function as human beings. Today, every aspect of life is influenced by the internet. Businesses and individuals use the internet for various things such as gathering information, shopping, partnering, managing supply chain, getting sales etc. Digital Marketing Services are used by both businesses and individuals to achieve their digital marketing objectives.

Digital Marketing helps you reach your potential audience by various channels including Search Engines and Social Media.

The most common aspects of digital marketing include

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO- the art of getting your website on the first page of Google Search Results for relevant keywords)
  • Google Ads (similar to SEO except this is pay-per-click advertising)
  • Social Media Ads (particularly Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn)
  • Social media organic growth (such as a Twitter account or Facebook page).

“Digital Marketing Services” includes all the above services provided by agencies. There are thousands of digital marketing agencies to choose from. However, not all of them provide reliable and concrete results.

Who needs Digital Marketing Services?

A common perception among many businesses is that digital marketing works only for companies like Amazon or Flipkart. This is not true. Digital marketing gives extraordinary return-on-investment for many industries. Indeed, it gives extraordinary return-on-investment for most industries. It is essential for succeeding in e-commerce sales, blogging traffic, B2B businesses for lead generation etc.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can help a business in one of three ways:

1) Sales: E-Commerce stores, SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) products and other businesses like Uber and Ola rely almost entirely on digital marketing for generating sales and increasing revenue.

2) Leads: Many B2B companies as well as B2C companies with high-ticket items (such as jewellery) run lead generation campaigns online. These leads can then be followed up on phone or email to convert into sales.

3) Branding: Getting exposure to the right audience at the right time is easy with digital marketing. There is an immense amount of data about the users that companies like Google, Facebook and LinkedIn possess. With this data, they can provide advertisers to reach very targeting audiences very easily on social media. Unlike TV or newspaper ads, your budgets are not wasted in showcasing your products to people who may not be interested in it.

Benefits of digital marketing services

Digital Marketing Services Packages

At WebKow, we take digital marketing services to the next level by providing result-oriented and cutting-edge services at the best rates. Our packages include SEO, Paid Google Advertising, Paid Social Media Advertising, and Organic Page Management.


Basic Paid Digital Marketing – Social Media ads15000*225*
Basic Paid Digital Marketing – Google ads15000*225*
SEO (Search Engine Optimizaition)12500*180*
Complete Paid Digital Advertising18000*270*
Complete Digital Marketing21000*270*


*Price may vary somewhat depending on your specific requirements.

Digital Marketing FAQ's

1. What are the disadvantages of digital marketing?

The only disadvantage is if you use it without a proper plan or expert guidance. If that is the case, you may end up losing a lot of money on irrelevant aspects of your digital marketing.

2. What is most important for the success of digital marketing?

The most important aspect of digital marketing is understanding the customer’s behaviour. Experts study the type of products, the industry, and the customer behaviour patterns (which can be studied using available online data) and the competition. They can use this analysis to create a digital marketing strategy which could include SEO or Google Ads (Adwords)‌ or Social Media Ads or all of them or some other combination.

Using real-world data, digital marketers can take smarter decisions about every aspect of their digital marketing.

3. Which one is better- SEO or SEM (PPC)?

Again, this depends entirely on the business and the current needs. SEO‌ (Organic Search Engine Optimization) helps you get many relevant clicks without paying anything for Google. The downside is that it is less controllable and it is time-consuming. For most industries, it takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months to start ranking high on Google Search Results Pages after a thorough SEO project.

SEM‌ (Paid Search Engine Marketing)‌ is also often called PPC‌‌‌(Pay-per-click)‌ advertising. It is much faster and can get you relevant data which can even be used in your SEO‌ project. The major downside is that you pay Google for every click you get from there. In some cases, the cost involved is too high for the business. However, most businesses can succeed with SEM.

A dual strategy of using SEM (for important keywords where it is difficult to rank organically) and SEO‌ is ideal for most.

4. Facebook Ads or Google Ads -which should I start with?

Many businesses use both and it is generally a good idea to test both for your business. As a general rule, Facebook or Instagram ads perform for better for products where there is impulse purchasing. They also work really well for promoting special offers or for giving freebies to get people into your sales funnel (such as a free e-book).

On the other hand, Google Ads do much better for niche products where a very small user base would be interested. For example, for most B2B companies, Google Ads is more relevant than Facebook Ads. If a company was, say, manufacturing bottling plant machinery, it is unlikely to find many buyers from Facebook Ads.

5. Is SEO paid or organic?

SEO‌ is an organic way to rank higher on Search Engine results, such as of Google. However, there’s usually a cost involved in what you would pay to an agency, freelancer or employee to do the search engine optimization of your website for you. Also, it is a time consuming process. For many industries, it could take up to a year before you start getting results.

6. Why is SEO so expensive?

SEO‌ projects involve multiple types of work – content building, technical changes on the websites, regular audits, analysis of data, research of keywords, and much more. Typically, SEO experts spend multiple hours on each of these aspects on a weekly basis for results to start showing for your business. This is part of the reason why some of the projects seem expensive. However, once your website starts ranking on the first pages for relevant keywords, the enormous web traffic that it could bring usually justifies the cost involved.

7. How can I get a discount on Google Ads?

Google offers ₹ 2000 free credit in India who registers on the platform and spends at least ₹ 2000 in the first month. To avail this offer, follow these steps:

1) Visit

2) Follow the steps to start your Google Ads account

3) You will receive a coupon on your email. Enter that coupon in the “coupons” field while setting up your account. For more information on how to set up a Google Ads account, you can read our blog here:

8. Should I try LinkedIn Ads?

LinkedIn ads are generally more expensive compared to Instagram and Facebook. LinkedIn also has less users logged in at any time compared to Facebook or Instagram. Therefore, most businesses prefer Facebook advertising (which also gives you access to Instagram ads).

For certain niche businesses which want to advertise only to specific industries, specific designations, or for advertising about a job opening, LinkedIn does provide some excellent solutions.

9. Is email marketing still effective?

Emails are more private than social media, and are usually taken more seriously than social media posts. Companies that invest in getting a big email list (by getting subscribers on their website) have historically gotten excellent ROI (Return-on-Investment) from email marketing. Emails are still more popular than social media. Marketing to people who have given you permission to do so (by subscribing) is an incredibly effective digital marketing strategy.

10. Are SEO companies worth it?

Again, SEO is a very advanced field which has had many changes in the last two decades. The old practices used even two or three years ago become outdated very soon. It is for this reason that going to experts usually gives you the best value or return.

Also, since the SEO companies will be working with multiple companies like yours, they have more experience than an in-house employee can bring. They can also divide their costs better, so you get better results at lower cost.

11. How should I get started with digital marketing?

This depends on company to company and industry to industry. Nonetheless, a few generic steps can be followed:

1) Realize the importance of digital marketing for your company. You can get an idea for this by doing a Google Search for your product or service. You will likely find your competitors advertising or ranking high on Google Search results and getting a lot of traffic. You could also look at your competitors or peers’ social media handles.

2) Once you have determined the importance of digital marketing, the next step is to create a broad digital marketing strategy. The strategy’s ultimate goal is to increase profitability for your business. The elements in this strategy would include: how to drive email subscribers, which keywords do we want to rank on top for, what will be our SEO strategy, how do we get started with Google Ads, what offers can we promote on Social Media, etc.

3) For Social Media – it is typically best to stick to at most 3 channels. If you go for too many more, you may spread too thin.

4) For Paid Ads – you can get started very fast and test different ads. Focus on good offers and good copywriting for this.

5) For SEO – you may need to hire a full-time employee, a freelancer, or an agency for your SEO. You will need to think through a content strategy, technical strategy and backlinking strategy (getting more people to link in to your website – which improves your ranking on Google).

6) Don’t forget your email newsletters as they form an important aspect of almost any digital marketing strategy.

If you would like us to do all this (or part of it) for you, feel free to reach out to us by clicking the button below.