Top 10 must-read digital marketing books for 2019

Are you interested in finding out some must-read digital marketing books?

Well I have been a digital marketer for nearly a decade now, and the thing with digital marketing that makes it quite unique is:

1) It changes so fast! (If a digital marketer went into a coma for five years and come back, he or she would have to start from scratch. This is partially true for many industries these days, but very little evolves as fast as the digital media world.)

2) It is (usually) learned from practice, from books and from online courses (in that order), instead of traditional graduation or post-graduation programs. (Again the reason for this largely is point 1)

So I thought of sharing some must-read books for digital marketing for the year 2019. Most of them are likely to stay relevant for at least the next few years, and some of them keep publishing new editions, so if you’re reading this blog later, you may still find them useful.

Here’s my Top 10 must read digital marketing books for 2019:

10) “Launch” by Jeff Walker:

First on the list is a hugely popular book for launches. This book is ideal if you’re launching a new product, especially if it is a book or info-product. (Although frankly, the strategies in this book would work for over 90% industries.)

Jeff Walker is a renowned digital marketer and publisher who sells high-end training programs that cost over 100 times the cost of this book (and which are still rated amazing), so there’s a lot of meat in this little book to understand the customer and start your digital marketing with the right perspective, i.e. by always putting the human side of things first instead of getting caught up in the tools and numbers.

09) “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” by Gary Vaynerchuk

Social media is a terribly noisy place. Gary’s book helps see social media in a whole new light and giving a blueprint to social media strategies that really work. Definitely in the must-read digital marketing list.

08) “The Art of SEO” by Eric Enge and Stephan Spencer

This is another fantastic book for digital marketers who want to leverage search engine optimization to grow their business. It can be a little bit lengthy, a little bit boring, but very effective. Just like search engine optimization.

07) “Tested Advertising Methods” by Caples

This classic was written way before testing your advertising became so easy. Yet it’s clear insights and hundreds of examples make this one of the best books to learn copywriting. It’ll help you write better headlines, subject lines, URLs, Facebook ad copy and even landing page copy. Easily makes the cut for my must-read digital marketing books!

06) “The New Rules of Marketing and PR” by David Meerman Scott

A fantastic book for beginners, this one introduces the way the internet has changed the way people and brands communicate, and how you can cut through the clutter and have your voice in this digital space. Is filled with case studies too.

05) “DotCom Secrets” by Russell Brunson

Easy explanations, relevant examples and a breezy pace make this popular book a part of this list. It has some very unique ideas for sales funnels for selling online products. Relevant for almost any online business.

04) “Youtility” by Jay Bear

This one is a must-read if you’re running a small business, or planning to start a business. It is also one of the more “wholesome” business books out there, where genuine helpfulness and generosity are highlighted over scammy techniques and short-term steals.

03) “Complete B2B Online Marketing” by William Leake, Lauren Vaccarello and Maura Ginty

The value of the book is obvious from the name. A fantastic book on how B2B businesses can leverage digital marketing in very practical ways to win more customers. Since B2B industries have always been (relatively) slow on the digital bandwagon, it’s a fantastic way to leapfrog over competitors.

02) “Made to Stick” by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Made to Stick

Why do some ideas thrive and others die? How do you improve the chances of worthy ideas surviving? This book explores this with a surprisingly funny book with a Freakonomics-feel.

01) “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert Cialdini

This classic book on persuasion has influenced digital marketers from the very early days of the internet and continues to be a must-read for those striving for success in the digital marketing world. Insightful with amazing breakdowns of all the principles discussed, filled with easy-to-get examples, this book should be read with a notepad next to you to jot down all the ideas that will pop up in your head as you read it.

About the Author:
Neeraj Ramnani is the founder of GrowthFoundation.in and WebKow.com. He is a digital marketer since 2011, and has pioneered some of the most innovative approaches in this field over these years. He’s worked with over 40 brands for their result-oriented digital marketing.
He’s an alumnus of IIM Indore and SVNIT Surat.

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